XIIth SITM Colloquium, Lille (France), 2-7 July 2007
     maison de la recherche – university of lille iii, villeneuve d’ascq

Sending papers - session format - publication


 The new deadline for sending papers is 31 March 2007

Paper must be sent (in French or in English) in format pdf or rtf to the following adress If these formats are not available to you, please send your paper in format .txt, with no layout. There is no limit to the length of texts.

Session format

All sessions at SITM colloquia are plenary and planned so as to maximize discussion. During the sessions participants must limit themselves to a brief presentation (10 minutes maximum) of their paper, focusing on its major points and themes for discussion. General discussion will take place after all of the papers in a given session have been presented. The complete text of papers will be available on line well before the opening of the colloquium (deadline for sending papers March 31) so that participants will have ample time to consult them beforehand.


The review European Medieval Drama (EMD), published by Brepols, will dedicate its numbers 11 and 12 (2007 and 2008) to a selection from among the papers presented at the Lille colloquium (approximately 30 articles). The review’s editorial board will make the selection. Please note that members of SITM are entitled to a preferential subscription rate for the review.